One of the goals of SPARK GLOBAL is to promote translational medical research and education for academic staff to more efficiently develop drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, IT Health and medical devices for the benefit of humankind.

By sustaining and developing international educational training courses in translational medical research SPARK GLOBAL will create a culture of creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship in the biomedical sciences for our academic researchers, clinicians, graduate and medical students, and fellows.


In 2014, we worked with our mentors to write a book for novices who embark on this amazing path of translating basic research or clinical findings into new therapeutics to benefit patients. This book is not a complete guide to what needs to be done, but provides a general overview of the important topics in the development process.

Read before you begin your translational effort to better understand the path ahead!

Nature Chemical Biology says: “It is a valuable look into [drug development] and may well end up saving many people a great deal of time, money and heartache”


Now available in English, Chinese,  Japanese, and Korean!

Annual Training Course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For the past six years, SPARK GLOBAL has hosted a course for graduate students at various SPARK GLOBAL sites on biomedical innovation.

The goal of the course is to train students to develop skills in design thinking, brainstorming, product development, and commercialization for unmet medical needs and to become more creative, innovative and savvy in translational research in the Biomedical Sciences. This course is taught through lectures, group work and presentations.

For more information contact Michael Wallach.

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