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Thank you for your interest in the SPARKGlobal. Like you, we strongly believe that academia has an important role to play in the discovery of new therapeutics and diagnostics and in decreasing the time and costs of development. We think the SPARK approach can serve as a general model for other academic institutions.

Starting a SPARK Program

Institutions interested in forming a new SPARK program may complete our interest form to be contacted by the SPARKGlobal Office. They will discuss the necessary elements for a successful SPARK program and provide the materials, advice, and expertise required for start-up. Directors of new SPARK programs are invited to visit Stanford and attend a regular SPARK meeting.

Contributing to SPARKGlobal

Volunteer industry advisors are vital to the success of SPARKGlobal. Their wealth of knowledge and assistance with projects helps push academic discoveries to the commercial and clinical centers. If interested in volunteering, please contact your local SPARK Director.

Fiscal gifts provide a major impact on the entire SPARKGlobal program and enable it to expand to countries throughout the globe. If interested in supporting our translational work, please contact the President of SPARKGlobal.


Mailing Address

269 Campus Dr. West, Bldg. CCSR, Room 3145
Stanford, CA  94305 – 5174

Peter Santa Maria, MD, PhD

Mario Gaspar
Executive Administrator, SPARK GLOBAL


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We are always looking to expand the reach of SPARK Global. Contact us, visit your regional SPARK chapter, read our educational resources or donate!